Friday, 29 April 2011



Brushstrokes on the soul of someone else,
This fearless touch unclothes bodies
Unwinding the knotted ribbons of my thoughts
And permeates the clattering clutter beneath

Late, I have come, drawn to your side
By some unknown force of subtle magnitude.
The foolish winds of fancy, I have long believed
Fall away, struck down by the silence of love.

My being, a skylark in dawn, rises
From the rubble of plaguing insecurities.
No more through cafe windows do I gaze
But soaring, sailing, scaling, I venture.

Deep delving closeness draws
And the ivory papers of my heart flutter
Your breath warms my salty cheek;
Caressing the breakable mosaic of me.

This red wine, the bread, enfolds me
Within you, you within and without.
The paradox, the oneness of grace
Confounds, perplexes, radiates.

1 comment:

Julia said...

Dare I admit I am close to tears? You are absolutely and mind-blowingly stunning. Let me know if you publish one day and I will buy. In utter seriousness.

And I am loving these daily updates... but not as much as I love YOU. :) Keep up the good work!!