Thursday, 17 July 2008


so after a year of being off the blogging front, i have decided to come back. why?? i don't really know. just kinda felt like it. i don't know who will read this, what the purpose of this will be be. but on a rainy, cold summer afternoon in edinburgh, i decided to do it. and on a day, too, when words seem to be clogged up. sputtering out as if the milk has run dry at the end of the straw....

all i can say, is that at this moment, i can remember. finally. remember, as if awaking, slowly, to the slow, soft pattering of rain. waking up to His heart for me. waking up again, learning to remember His love. but the question is, will i let Him remind me? will i allow this love to permeate again? i think i will. it's like reading over old letters. remembering what they've said to you and who you were at the time of recieving them. but oh so much deeper. He is the Name of Hope. the Almighty Transcendence. i should trust, shouldn't i?