Sunday, 26 December 2010



The cloak of flesh upon Him came,
Corporeal wholeness of perfection.
Slipping through the gates of earth,
His otherness enters time, diminished.

The glory of His eyes are dimmed,
His feet leadened, dust clinging on.
Constrained vastness of presence,
Holiness heard in the cry of a babe.

With heights of favour and depths of scorn,
He'll grow in wisdom, eternal and sure.
Picking up His father's iron and wood,
The carvings of His path will begin.

Hands of splinters and eyes of salt,
He speaks and loves and hears.
Not ease nor comfort shall He know,
Longing and pain haunt Him ever.

This crownless Prince will carry
The load of humanity's shame,
From east to west He'll rend the curtain;
Bringing home the lost and broken.

The paradox of body and soul,
In humble majesty shall endure.
History's fabric rewoven with grace,
In the oneness of God and Man.

Yet for now, the whispers take form,
As the Great Coming is heralded.
Almighty dwells here, Emmanuel,
And the universe reverberates resurrection.

Our King - our glorious, majestic, humble, tangible, King - overflowing with love and grace for us all.....has arrived. What a cause to rejoice.....