Sunday, 6 December 2009

'A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever....'

(John Keats)

 'God's finger can touch nothing but to mould it into loveliness.'
(George Macdonald)

 'God hides nothing. His very work from the beginning
is revelation - a casting aside of veil after veil, a showing
unto men of truth after truth. on and on from fact Divine
He advances, until at length in His Son Jesus He unveils
His very face.'
(George Macdonald)

'God Himself - His thougths, His will, His love, His judgements are men's home. to think His thougths, to choose His will, to judge His judgments, and thus to k,now that He is in us, with us, is to be at home. And to pass through the valey of the shadow of death is the way home, but only thus, that as all changes have hitherto led us nearer to this home, the knowledge of God, so this greatest of all outward changes - for it is but an outward change - will surely usher us into a region where there will be fresh possibilities of drawing night in heart, soul, and mind to the Father of us all.'
(George Macdonald)

I was just thinking this morning on my run in the rain....Jesus....Let this Christmas be full to the brim of the knowledge of Your presence. Let the very light of Your face overwhelm us, Lord. Let the unutterable glory of the Incarnation sweep over our eyes and capture our hearts and minds, enabling us to give You the honour and majesty due Your name....our humbe, Servant King of Kings.

'In our world too, a Stable once had something inside it that was bigger than our whole world.'
(Lucy Pevensie, The Last Battle)

Further up and further in.