Friday, 3 October 2008


All else falls away, it really does. When I see You. Sometimes I doubt if I've ever really and truly seen You, though. I say that You are the desire of my heart. I say You are. But are You? I know about You, Jesus. But do I know You? Jesus, I forget. I forget so very quickly. I speak in pride. And then weep in brokenness. Yet You see me - for all that I am - and still You persist.

Yet I can hear You telling me that it's time to stop living in the slums of my heart. For some reason You want me full. Full of You, Jesus. I am ready, oh my heart is ready for a relationship with You.

In this pain, You have birthed wind.
And that wind has swept through the depths of me.
....all I can do is worship You and open wide my arms.

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